Cycle for Life – Mali (Ashraf Kenny)


The situation in the villages of Bladje, Siraman, Komitan and Tamala in Mali is dire, with only a small percentage of the population having access to safe drinking water. The health of thousands of people in these villages – especially children – are at risk because of water-borne diseases.

With this in mind, I and another 21 daring (some would say crazy) friends, from across three continents have taken on a challenge to cycle more than 200km through Andalusia to raise awareness and much-needed funds for an Islamic Relief project that will provide safe drinking water to 4,800 people living in these villages.

By donating to this project, you will be providing so much more than a simple convenience to these communities; you will be contributing towards building their future, and restoring their dignity, with every… precious… drop.

The project will include a solar-powered water-harvesting system, that harnesses the energy of the sun to provide the villages with easy access to clean water – an example how Islamic Relief’s carefully tailored approach to humanitarian development provides sustainable solutions and improves quality of life.

The cycle route promises to be a tough one, but I am fired up to take on the challenge of completing the 200km with your prayers, encouragement, and support. Through your donations, we will ensure that the villages of Bladje, Siraman, Komitan and Tamala will never need to ask for help accessing safe drinking water again – to truly provide them with water for life.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an that ”Whoever assists a good cause becomes a partner therein”. I invite you to become a partner in this noble cause by donating whatever is within your means and sharing it with your friends.

Thank you in advance.

Ashraf Kenny

Six minutes of cycling left for the Andalusia Cycle Challenge #CycleForLife

Posted by Ashraf Kenny on Sunday, 21 January 2018

Day one update - Andalusia Cycle Challenge #CycleForLife

Posted by Ashraf Kenny on Thursday, 18 January 2018

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