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Cyclone Idai – 2.6 Million People in need of Humanitarian Assistance


Cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, leaving behind a trail of destruction, killing hundreds of people and leaving an estimated 2.6 million more in need of immediate humanitarian assistance.

According to the United Nations, Idai is the worst weather-related disaster on record to hit the southern hemisphere, with 1.7 million people in the storm’s path in Mozambique and 920,000 people affected in Malawi alone. The disaster has also devastated parts of neighbouring Zimbabwe, leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless across the region.

The full scale of the devastation is still unfolding as search and rescue operations continue. More heavy rain is falling right now. Houses, roads and bridges have been ripped apart and agricultural land is completely submerged. More than 480 people are confirmed dead, with the death toll expected to rise to their thousands. Over 400,000 have lost their homes.

Islamic Relief is on the ground

Islamic Relief has an active presence in Malawi and is currently responding to those affected by localised flooding after multiple rivers and a dam burst their banks.

In Malawi, we are providing food, cash and shelter to thousands of vulnerable families in the Chikwawa District of Malawi. We are also partnering with a local agency in Zimbabwe that will focus on the provision of immediate life-saving assistance to those affected by the weather system.

Islamic Relief is monitoring the situation very closely in the event of any outbreaks and the anticipated increase in demand for shelter; food and fuel.

Funds will go towards medical supplies, sanitation packs, emergency shelter as well as much needed food staples.

With your support, we can continue to provide a lifeline when disasters strike.


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