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Hamza Moola’s Ramadan Challenge


This Ramadan, despite the pandemic, Islamic Relief is still working around the world, making sure your donations get to those who need them most. We are on the front lines in over 30 countries, just like we have been with every major disaster since 1984. Delivering food, water, and emergency relief to those in desperate need.
Please don’t wait, people need your help now more than ever.
The Prophet (SAW) said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Tirmidhi)

We know that these times are tough on everyone, but Allah (SWT) has given us the answer. Allah has told us that charity protects us from calamity and sickness. He even tells us that giving charity increases your sustenance! Allah is indeed the most generous, Alhamdulillah.

This Ramadan you can help support your brothers and sisters in Gaza, Yemen and Syria. From just R850, you can provide one family with an Iftaar pack that will last the entire month of Ramadan.
Donate your Zakah, Sadaqah & Lillah for this appeal, and ensure that many families can enjoy the blessings of Ramadan this year, or alternatively you could support our projects in South Africa.
‘Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward.’
(Sunan at Tirmidhi)

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