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Not the English Channel – Hayder Dhansay


I have embarked on a bit of a ‘local’ challenge and I’m going to swim the length of the English Channel. Only, it won’t be from Dover to Calais, but at my local pool in Birmingham.

Rather than in one go, I’ll be doing laps over a few weeks between 16th February until 20th April 2020. So that’s 36.2km in the pool, just shy of 1,500 lengths of the 25m pool. With average minimum outdoor temperatures ranging between 1 and 4 degrees over Feburary, March and April it’s a good thing that it’s an indoor pool.

Why? I’m raising money to sponsor orphans with Islamic Relief for a full year. With your help, I am aiming to raise R16 800, that’s enough to assist two orphans from one of the following countries:
• Bosnia
• Jordan
• Kosova
• Lebanon
• Palestine Gaza
• Palestine West Bank
• Syria

While I am doing laps in the pool, you please put your card details where it matters.
I’ll keep the link up to date as to how my swim distance is progressing.

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