Samiullah takes on an adventure to save lives


My name is Samiullah Parker and when I am not fundraising for Islamic Relief I enjoy an active lifestyle that involves sports of all kinds.

That is why participating in this cycling challenge across Spain is the perfect opportunity for me to channel my energy to help fund life-saving water projects.

By supporting my crowdfund page you can help end the water crisis and restore hope. Together we’ll provide access to clean, safe and reliable water in the most needed places – one community at a time.

Finding water is a daily challenge for many. Providing easily accessible water will unlock the opportunities and potential for thousands by returning time for study, work, and imagination.

Islamic Relief is on the ground in over 30 different countries, providing water to those desperately in need. And wherever we engage, we teach people how to save water – because it is just as important as giving it.

The bottom line:  when Islamic Relief builds any water system, we make sure it is built to last – so that communities are empowered and grow to become independent.

All money raised will go directly towards our Water4Life campaign, so please donate generously.

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