Saudah Arbee’s Yemen Appeal


Saudah Arbee celebrates her 23rd birthday on the 23 June 2020, send a gift and HELP YEMEN!

Yemen has been in turmoil for many years now, starting in 2011, and is now facing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. A land so dear to our prophet (saw) now may be wiped off the map. 14 million people at a risk of starvation and deadly disease.

With the Corona Virus spread, their health system has completely broken down. Children have become orphans and mothers have lost their children.

In Islam we are taught to give to those in need, even when we may not feel as though we have enough.

Sad Bin Ubadah said: “I said ‘ O messenger of Allah, what charity is best?’ He said ‘Giving water to drink and that charity which you give while you fear poverty yourslf’”

I ask you, dear friends and family, to help and support those in need, together we can make a difference and instill hope and smiles in those who need it most, after all is smiling not the simplest act of charity…

R500 could provide emergency nutrition for a malnourished child.

R1200 could feed a family for one month.

R7200 could provide water for 6 families for a month.


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