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The Balloon Foundation for Charity Week


The Balloon Foundation’s journey began when a group of students found them selves in a run down kids home of Hillbrow where the walls were tearing apart and a pungent smell filled the area however the kids had spread such light that the area we were in was completely forgotten.

The realization that we are a group of diverse students who all come with some unique talents to the table dawned upon us. We pooled all these talents together and we were able to provide the 98 kids of this home with a fun day in just under 2 weeks. That is how we became the balloon foundation , by creating a platform for students to use their talents in a fun and interactive way to give back to others.

One event led to the next and we have completed various projects which include:

  • Financing the building of a well that serves a community of 135 people in Kiota Niger.
  • Hosting a high tea at Abida’s Frail Care Centre (a local old age home) as well as distributing care packages to its 22 residents.
  • Co-ordinating a full holiday program for the youth of Hillbrow and providing them with back to school packs for their new year.
  • Providing weekly meals to some of the kids at Kids Haven in Benoni.
  • Tutoring kids at Kids Haven.
  • Sponsoring the financial needs of two orphans.
  • Facilitating a text-book drive.
  • Hosting an amazing race Gender Based Violence Edition with the aim of educating, advocating and raising funds for GBV survivors.
  • Hosting a week long skills development workshop for women of the
  • NISAA centre who have faced abused
  • A clothing drive for a local madressa in Hillbrow
  • Issuing winter warmth packs and assisting in the funding of heaters for the MAP Program in Soweto.

Our current aim is taking towards a sustainable approach. The Balloon Foundation is extreamely passionate about fighting against gbv . We thus aim to continue our 1-in-2 campaign with the hope of finding a sustainable way of having an impact on this course.

081 428 9568

instagram : @theballoonfounation , twitter: @theballoonfoun1 , facebook: The Balloon Foundation

About Charity Week

Charity Week is an Islamic Relief non-profit, volunteer-led campaign that raises money for orphans and needy children in South Africa and in other struggling countries.

This will be the 2nd year that South Africa will be participating in the event and this is all thanks to the volunteers who work hard to make their events a success, and to donors who open up their hearts to our vision. The core belief behind Charity Week is unity. The more unified we are as an Ummah, the bigger the impact we will have on the world.

In 2018 Charity week was able to fund projects in 8 countries, South Africa being one of them. Projects include a Maternity Centre, vocational training to widows and orphaned children, malnutrition centres as well as an Early Childhood Development Centre. To find out about the projects funded visit and download the 2018 Annual report.

Join the Charity Week movement by donating and help us change lives.

Contact Details: 0672507662



When it comes to fundraising, the Charity Week philosophy is simple: the more people involved in planning and putting on events and initiatives, the greater the amount of funds raised will be. This in turn means that we can help even more orphans and children in need. It’s a philosophy that hasn’t failed yet!

Each year, the amount you raise increases and the impact of those funds are life changing. In the 13 years that Charity Week has been running, over R126 million has been raised. This has funded 52 projects in 25 countries Alhamdulillah!

Here’s a small snapshot of some of the amazing work funded so far.

Rebuilding futures – Gaza

Following the 2012 bombardment of Gaza, Charity Week was there to step in and rehabilitate seven schools across the Gaza strip, directly impacting upon the education of over 9,000 children. Thanks to the fantastic fundraising efforts of volunteers, we’ve been able to rebuild classrooms, ensuring that schools have a safe supply of drinking water and that local children have a safe learning environment.

Thirst-free in The Sahel – Chad, Mali and Niger

In countries across the Sahara, water sources are scarce. This places great stress on the health, nutritional and sanitation needs of local communities. Thanks to the support of Charity Week fundraisers however, 13 schools and two maternity centres have been fitted with rain water harvesting systems and solar panels. Children at these schools have also been provided with hygiene packs and training.

The children at these schools now have clean safe water to drink and no longer have to walk for 30 minutes every day simply to find water. They are aware of water-borne diseases and are also growing their own vegetables masha’Allah!

Paediatric clinics for under-12s – northern Syria

Due to ongoing conflict in the region, Syria’s health system has been left in ruins across the country. Charity Week therefore funded crucial medical projects to ensure that locals had access to vital health care. We supported 17 newborn and paediatric health-care facilities in Hama, Idlib and Aleppo, providing medicines, disposables and equipment to cover basic paediatric heath care needs.

Over 153,000 children were directly impacted by the funds raised by Charity Week with newborns and infants given priority according to their greater needs.


Mishka Ahmed Donated R 175
Wimpy Fordsburg Fordsburg Donated R 2,000
Safwan BapUji Donated R 150
Mohsin Mia Donated R 1,000

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