LeeAnn’s Fight

LeeAnn was just four-years old when she was diagnosed with Leukaemia, commonly known as blood cancer. She has now been fighting her cancer for two years and seven months – and her family have just learned that she is in remission.


“At the beginning I was shocked,” said LeeAnn’s mother. “I said this cannot be happening to me. LeeAnn is my only daughter. I knew I had to stand strong and stay positive, and I remain that way.”

LeeAnn underwent intensive chemotherapy for nine months, as well as a course of cranial radiation to protect her brain.

“Mummy, what is wrong?”

“When LeeAnn saw the drips and the chemo for the first time she asked me, ‘Mummy, what is wrong?’ I said to her, ‘LeeAnn, you’ve got bad cells in your body and this cool drink is going to kill all those bad cells.’ Then she said, ‘but Mummy, why did that child die?” I had to tell her. I said, ‘Because the cancer had gone too far.’

“I kept her in the house most of the time. I would warn people not to come to my house when LeeAnn was sick. I did not allow children near her. If a child came with a cold LeeAnn would get it much worse – it would affect her whole body.

“As the chemo has progressed she gradually got better. By the time she went on to oral medication, the count for her platelets and red and white blood cells looked positive. She finished her treatment in April.

“Yesterday, the doctors phoned to tell me that her bone marrow was 100 per cent clear. This was all thanks to the oncology services at the Red Cross hospital, and my friends that I have met there – without them I would not have been able to get through this.”

Together, we can help children like LeeAnn to fight back against cancer. Join the fight today. 

Find out more about how Islamic Relief is fighting childhood cancer through its involvement with Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Hospital.

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