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Charity Week is a 100% volunteer led campaign of Islamic Relief which raises funds for orphans & vulnerable children for one week a year.

But, Charity Week goes beyond funds, Charity Week is about unity that is created at all levels – whether our volunteers are young or old, organising or volunteering, donating or collecting, Muslim or non-Muslim, for one cause – humanity.

It is this unity that we hope will provide a lasting solution to the suffering of the children of the world.

It is this unity that we pray will provide the spark for further like-minded campaigns.

It is this unity that we dream of being our legacy for generations to come.



The project began life as a vision in the year 2000 – a vision that the problems of the world could not be solved by money, but through unity. A vision that stated that we were stronger together rather than apart. A vision that our situation would not change unless we change ourselves. After years of preparation, the first trial run took place using a shoebox and a handwritten poster in St George’s Medical School, South London.

The next year, many London universities were on board. A few years later, the project had spread across the UK. After a few failed experiments, Charity Week was finally taken across the Atlantic to Canada in 2013. The year after that Qatar joined the project. The year after that, both Germany and USA made it a family of 5. In 2016, Australia joined the party and 2018 finally has bought our newest addition, South Africa!


Charity Week 2021

by Fernaaz Hussain

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South Africa, South Africa

Fernaaz Hussain

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Campaign Story

Charity Week: You Save Lives

The generous donations we’ve received in previous years during Charity Week have helped our teams to deliver emergency and long-term care to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Orphan Sponsorship in South Africa, Sudan, Gaza and Pakistan

Charity Week continues to support existing one-to-one orphan sponsorships across the world. Your donations enabled us to provide 40 more sponsorships in South Africa and Sudan, providing food, clothing education and healthcare.

Emergency Response in Idlib, Syria

With the conflict continuing to destroy lives, Idlib saw a second wave of displaced arriving in the city from December 2019. This was on top of the 1.5 million displaced already taking refuge there.

Money raised from Charity Week has contributed to providing vital materials to help children survive the harsh circumstances, including emergency shelter, food, clothing and medical care.

Healthcare for Children in Gaza

1.5% children in Palestine are disabled and just over half of them live in families that need financial assistance. Our project supports 500-700 disabled children and their parents, improving 10 centres of special education and a total of 50-70 teaching staff.

This project supports necessary rehabilitation works, providing centres with adequate, sufficient and sustainable resources, furniture and equipment. In addition protocols and manuals are being updated and taught in consultation with specialised experts in this field.

Eradicating Hepatitis in Pakistan

Your critical donations are helping orphans and children in poverty to be tested for Hepatitis. Those suffering from the disease are then being provided with the appropriate medical care.

The further spread of the disease is being mitigated with a tailor-made awareness campaign focusing on at-risk communities. Working with community groups for local solutions will help to ensure that the spread of the disease can be slowed and eventually eradicated, insha’Allah.

Enhancing Primary Health and Education for Children in Niger

Your support helps fund our critical work providing safe clean water for communities, new schools, critical health care for disabled and disaffected children and much more!

You’re helping to provide three classrooms, toilets and school equipment in the impoverished region of Tillabery. Alhamdulillah!




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