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Please keep our sisters and brothers in Palestine in your prayers and in your donations.

“Not a leaf falls but that He knows it.”

R1100 can provide a family with food for a month.

R2000 can provide urgent medicines and medical supplies.

R5000 can provide critical medical treatment.

Ferzaana Sibda-Palestine Emergency Appeal

by Asif Amod

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Johannesburg, South Africa

Asif Amod

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Campaign Story

Palestine is dealing with a dangerous escalation in violence in the occupied territories. Our sisters and brothers across Palestine, from Jerusalem to Gaza, are reeling from violence.

Hundreds of people have been injured. At least 24 people in Gaza, including 9 children, have been killed.

We stand ready to assist Palestinians affected by this particularly cruel use of force.

Your crowdfunding donation will support their relief, through the aid that is needed most—our teams are working with field teams to deliver urgent relief.

We’ve been working in Palestine since 1997, providing life-saving emergency aid, food, water, vocational training, education, psychosocial support, medical aid, and much, much more…

…Like our program for Makassad hospital in East Jerusalem, where we are helping the hospital get what it needs to provide top-level care for its patients. These past few days, this hospital has been crucial in aiding the injured.

…Or, in Gaza, where Islamic Relief is providing life-saving food and water to the most vulnerable families.


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