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Fenix Camping Lanterns Review (CL26R and CL23)

Fenix camping lanterns

In this video, we gonna talk about the Fenix camping lights Cl26r and Cl23. The Cl26r is a small and compact camping lantern that is extremely powerful with 400 Lumens of output and long runtime of 400 hours on the red flash output. The high output provides a runtime of 5 hours with a max […]

Umarex HDX Home Defense Extreme Marker T4E Review

Umarex HDX Home Defense Extreme Marker T4E Review

Extreme situations need Extreme solutions, Umarex HDX is a .68-caliber T4E HDX 68 pump-action rifle; with its imposing looks and impressive sound when charging, its rugged full-metal receiver and massive muzzle brake bring the weight of the Home Defense Extreme up to more than 3 kg for additional sturdiness. The high-powered 40-joule version relies on […]

Best Pepper guns

At blades and triggers, we have the best pepper guns for security and law enforcement purposes. Checkout our list below our pick of amazing non lethal self defense pepper guns! 1: JPX JET PROTECTOR PEPPER PISTOL JPX Protector Pepper Gun is the most powerful hand-held OC delivery system available. The conventional design speeds training and […]



With a vast range of exciting feature, this suave looking folding knife by Pardue for Benchmade is a splendid buy. The 553BK has a beautiful black coated blade defined by its rugged Tanto design. The blade is strong and has a high resistance to corrosion because of the 154Cms steel that goes into making it. […]